Chapter 1. About This Document

Table of Contents

1.1. Scope
1.1.1. What This Document Addresses
1.1.2. What This Document Does Not Address
1.1.3. Goals of this Policy
1.2. New Versions of This Document
1.3. Authors, Maintainers, and Contributors

Please note that the Debian SGML Policy is now a separate document, and is (or will soon be) included in the sgml-base package. Except for the cases where an XML resource gets registered in both the SGML catalog system and the XML catalog system, the Debian policies for SGML and XML are largely independent.

1.1. Scope

1.1.1. What This Document Addresses

This document describes the file/directory placement of package resources, the hierarchical XML catalog system, methods for registering resources in the XML catalog system, and provides some guidelines for packaging XML resources. Minimal information is provided regarding SGML catalog registration tools and methods.

1.1.2. What This Document Does Not Address

There is not yet a policy for the caching (and registration) of XML resources retrieved from the network, but future versions of this document will likely address this issue.

This policy does not discuss the SGML catalog system in any detail. Furthermore, it does not provide details for registering/deregistering resources in the SGML catalog system. Please see the SGML Policy for more detailed information.

1.1.3. Goals of this Policy

This document is intended to serve as a reference for maintainers packaging XML-related resources. As such, it documents the Debian hierarchical XML catalog implementation and provides some guidelines for packaging XML resources.

More specifically, the goals of this document are:

  • To provide guidelines that describe where XML-related packages should install their resources in the filesystem.

  • To provide and describe the Debian hierarchical XML Catalog implementation, and show how to use the catalog system to optimize the lookup of resources.

  • To provide guidelines for packaging XML resources, including how to use the Debian tools for registering package resources in the XML/SGML catalog systems.