Chapter 2. SGML Directory Layout and File Placement

Table of Contents

2.1. SGML Base Directories
2.2. Major DTD and Application Directories
2.3. SGML Subdirectory Layout/Creation Guidelines
2.3.1. Version-numbered Subdirectories
2.3.2. Subdirectories for Customization Packages
2.3.3. Non-versioned Stylesheet Subdirectories
2.3.4. Summary: docbook/ Subdirectory Descriptions and Usage
2.4. Configuration Files

This chapter explains the directory structure under /usr/share/sgml/ and the directories into which packages should install their resources.

2.1. SGML Base Directories

These directories are part of the SGML infrastructure and are created by the sgml-base package. They are defined as the following directories:


The layout of the SGML base directories is similar to the previous layout in /usr/lib/sgml/. Note, however, that there is no provision for a notations directory under /usr/share/sgml/.

Common or minor DTDs, declarations, or entities should be placed in /usr/share/sgml/{dtd,entities,declaration}, whereas "well known" DTDs get their own top-level /usr/share/sgml/well-known-dtd directory.

SGML Base Directory Descriptions


All declarations needed by more than one package should be placed here.


Packages with a small number of dtd files and no catalog file should install their files here, especially if the maintainer feels that a new docbook-like tree directly under /usr/share/sgml is not warranted. Such packages are not required to create a subdirectory, but may do so.

DTD packages that do have a catalog file must create their own subdirectory, so that the catalog file (named catalog) has a unique location.

Packages with a large number of files should create their own non-versioned subdirectory named package-name.

When package directories are created they may or may not have versioned subdirectories, at the discretion of the maintainer. If created, they must use only version numbers in their names.


Entities for general use are placed in here.


If it doesn't belong in the other directories, put it in here. An example here would be character sets.


Small collections of stylesheets can be installed in a subdirectory of this directory.