Debian SGML Policy (Working Draft)

Edited by

Mark Johnson

Adam Di Carlo

Ardo van Rangelrooij

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$Date: 2004/01/20 01:45:19 $


Subpolicy for Debian packages that provide and/or make use of SGML resources.

Table of Contents

1. About This Document
1.1. Scope
1.2. New Versions of This Document
1.3. Policy Goals
1.4. Authors, Maintainers, and Contributors
2. SGML Directory Layout and File Placement
2.1. SGML Base Directories
2.2. Major DTD and Application Directories
2.3. SGML Subdirectory Layout/Creation Guidelines
2.3.1. Version-numbered Subdirectories
2.3.2. Subdirectories for Customization Packages
2.3.3. Non-versioned Stylesheet Subdirectories
2.3.4. Summary: docbook/ Subdirectory Descriptions and Usage
2.4. Configuration Files
3. SGML Catalogs
3.1. The SGML Catalog Hierarchy
3.1.1. The Root Catalog: /etc/sgml/catalog
3.1.2. Package Catalogs: /etc/sgml/
3.1.3. Local Catalogs: /usr/share/sgml/.../package-dir/catalog
3.2. Registering/Deregistering Resources
3.2.1. Using dh_installcatalogs with SGML Catalogs
A. LSB Compliance
A.1. Points of Departure
A.1.1. R001--SGML Directory layout
A.1.1.1. LSB Layout
A.1.1.2. Debian Layout
A.1.2. R002--DocBook Directory layout
A.1.2.1. LSB Layout
A.1.2.2. Debian Layout
A.1.3. R005--Configuration Files
A.1.3.1. LSB Policy
A.1.3.2. Debian Policy
A.1.4. R007--Packages
A.1.4.1. LSB Policy
A.1.4.2. Debian Policy

List of Examples

2.1. Debian docbook Directory Layout
2.2. Versioned Subdirectories for the DocBook XML DTD
2.3. Gnome DocBook Customization DTD and Stylesheet
3.1. SGML Catalog for the DocBook XML DTD
3.2. debian/tei-xlite.sgmlcatalogs