About This Project

This is the home of a collaborative effort for developing and maintaining XML and SGML packages for the Debian Project.

Note: This project is quite new and is still in the process of recruiting debian developers/members.

Why This Project?

The maturity of the OASIS XML Catalogs specification has resulted in a need for Debian to develop and implement new XML, & hence SGML policies.

This project aims to speed up this process through a collaborative packaging (and policy development) process as suggested in the Debian Developers Reference Sec 5.12.

It is expected that most of the policy discussion will take place on the debian-sgml mailing list, while this site and the debian-xml-sgml-devel mailing list will be the home of the joint packaging effort.

We hope to put the sources here under CVS and allow members of the group to update packages collectively.


The Debian XML/SGML Group maintains the following packages:

  • arbortext-catalog
  • debiandoc-sgml-doc-pr-br
  • debiandoc-sgml-doc
  • debiandoc-sgml
  • docbook-html-forms
  • docbook-jrefentry
  • docbook-mathml
  • docbook-simple
  • docbook-slides
  • docbook-utils
  • docbook-website
  • expat
  • docbook-xsl
  • libsaxon-java
  • libxmltok
  • libxml-parser-perl
  • libxml-encoding-perl
  • libxml-catalog-perl
  • libxslt
  • saxon-catalog
  • sgml-base-doc
  • sgml-base
  • w3-dtd-mathml
  • xml-commons-resolver
  • xml-core-doc
  • xml-core
  • xmlto

How To Join

Send a request to join via email to Mark Johnson <mrj@debian.org> or Ardo van Rangelrooij <ardo@debian.org>. Please include a rough list of the packages you might wish to add to this project.